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I’m a 20-Something “Grandma” {Truthful Tuesdays}

Hello Worlders~

A few months ago I released a new survey on my blog, teasing and getting your thoughts on new series coming to the blog. One of which is Truthful Tuesday, where I would be sharing opinions about different topics (some serious topics some more jokey ones). And even though its been over a month since I first released that survey, I have yet to write my first Truthful Tuesday post. But here’s it is.

Now I have a confession for all of you.


I am a twenty-something grandma. No, I don’t have any real grandchildren but I feel like I live the life of an “old soul”. And to be completely honest I’m 100% okay with that.

Now some of you may be wondering what do I mean when I say that well let me give you some evidence.

I go to bed super early! Now part of my reasonings for that has to do with the fact that I work long days. Most days I leave my house at about 6:25 AM and don’t return until about 6:30 (at the earliest), normally closer to 7. And I like knowing that I’m getting my 8 hours of sleep and most mornings when I wake up I don’t feel over tired and I’m ready to start my day at the early hour of 5:30am.


I no longer sleep in on the weekends: Okay let me throw out a quick disclaimer, sleeping in is relative and trust me I get that. When I worked over night shifts in college I would sleep until noon or sometimes 2pm because I would be up most of the night. Now most weekends I don’t sleep past 8 AM and I get so much more done during the day. And I have so much energy.

I’m not a huge partier (like at all): This is something that has always been true about me. I don’t like being in super crowded places especially if they are small and crowded. Which may seem weird since I love crowed places like Disney World. But the idea of being a tight space with a bunch of people that I need to be nice to and talk to and be social with, no thank you!


I’m not a big drinker or smoker: I do drink, I’m over 21 years old so its perfectly legal for me to have a drink or two when I feel like it. And sometimes I do, it’s like a maybe twice a month thing but I do drink sometimes. And I do enjoy when I do, not that I get super drunk, I hate not being in control. And I don’t smoke at all. I don’t judge people who do (maybe someday I’ll do a Truthful Tuesday on my opinion on all of that) but I have never had any interest in that.

I love cliche phrases from long ago: Most people my age use terms like “Lit” and “Bet” and sometimes I do. But I often use phrases like “I’ll that and bag of chips.” And when I catch myself using those phrases all I can think is, where did that come from?


I often prefer older shows to newer ones: I would rather watch shows on repeat on sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime  and watch shows from the 80s and 90s then watch some of the stuff on TV now.

Don’t get me wrong I also have aspects where I’m just like any other girl in their mid twenties. But I also truly believe that I have an old soul.


Do you think you have an old soul or young soul? Let me know in the comments down below.


Blog Survey

Hello Worlder~

I recently set up a survey for my blog and YouTube channel. If you’re reading this or have read any of my past posts I’d love for you to take this quiz and give me some feedback. Going into 2018 I decided I wanted to take this blog and my YouTube channel (Which you can find here) a lot more seriously. If you have about 10 years to take this survey I’d be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance!

xoxo Emma.


My Favorite & Least Favorite Books of 2017

Hello Worlders~

This year I challenged myself to read 15 books throughout the  year. And unfortunately I fell short and only read 10 and about half books. Which is okay, I went through a reading slump when I first started working full time and had to adjust to a new schedule. But I picked back up towards the end of the year. And I’m preparing myself for my next challenge (more on that to come).

In this post I wanted to share my top 5 favorite books of 2017 as well as my bottom 3 books of 2017. At the bottom of this post you can find a link to the corresponding video I’m doing on YouTube for this post where you can get more details about how books got where they got on the list.

Think we should start with the negative with my least favorite book of the year which was…

10. We Were Liars


No review (I really hated this book I couldn’t even write a review)

Rating: 2.2/5

9. When It Happens


No review (There was a lot going when I finished this novel)

Rating: 2.8/5

8. Just One Day


Review Here

Rating: 3.25/5

And my top five favorite books of the year. These books are some my favorite books I’ve read in awhile and I loved getting the chance to read these books this year. Most of these books are ones that I would recommend to people!

5. Anna and the French Kiss


Review here

 Rating: 3.85/5

Side note: This booked tied (ranking wise) with Until Friday Night but I preferred Anna and the French Kiss hence it getting the 5th place ranking.

4. Everything Everything


Review here

Rating: 4.20/5

3. Since You’ve Been Gone


Review here

Rating: 4.35/5

2. The Hating Game


Review Here

Rating: 4.75/5

I’ll be honest when I finished reading Since You’ve Been Gone in early March I was convinced that it would be my favorite book of the year. But then I read The Hating Game in May I thought there is no way I’ll like a book more then I liked this one (seriously go out and read the The Hating Game you WILL NOT regret it). But then I read a book by arguably one of my favorite authors and even The Hating Game got knocked out of the number one spot. Leaving us with…

1. Forever and Always, Lara Jean


Review here

Rating: 4.85/5

And those were my favorite (and least favorite) books of the year. Overall even thought I only read ten books (and half since I’m half way through the book I’m currently reading but that will end up on the 2018 list) I feel like I had a really good reading year. I enjoyed most of the books I read and got something out of all them.

I have done two videos on YouTube talking about these books the first one is My Most Disappointing Books and My Favorite Books of the year. Each of the videos give a more in depth look at why I liked and or didn’t like a book.

What were your favorite books of the year? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to watch the corresponding YouTube video (click here) to get all the details about why the books go the rating they did.




BOOK REVIEW: Until Friday Night

Hello Worlders~

I hope your holiday season is going well. This time of year always seems to be the craziest. But leave it to me to get the motivation to attempt to complete my reading challenge for 2017. My goal this year was to read 15 books this year and I just finished my 10th book of the year, which included As Old As Time, When It Happens (No review), Since You’ve Been Gone, Just One Day, Anna and the French Kiss, The Hating Game, Everything Everything, Alway and Forever Lara Jean, We Were Liars (No Review) and as of about two weeks ago (I forgot to edited it) I can add, Until Friday Night (Link to Good Reads pages) by Abbi Glines.

Until Friday Night is told in a dual prespective where both main characters, Maggie and West show what is happening through their eyes. Maggie is a young girl who saw some horrific things happen that ultimately left her an orphan after the death of her mother. Two years later she is moving in with her Uncle Boone and his family which includes her Aunt Coralee and cousin Brady. The biggest thing about Maggie is that she hasn’t spoken since her mother’s death when she became selectively mute.

At the same time West has been keeping a big secret from all his friends and his football team which is that his father, former football star of the same high school, is on his death bed dying from stage 4 stomach cancer. West attempts to numb the pain by sleeping around and distracting himself. But when he meets Maggie she becomes all he can think about. And Maggie surprises even herself by speaking to him in an attempt to help him get through.

I had originally picked up this book thinking it would have a similar feel to it that Friday Night Lights (the show not the book, I haven’t read it) had. And I will be honest it did not have the same feel, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The biggest difference I noticed was that instead of being about the people on the team it was really only about Maggie and West.

A promo shot of the show (Source)

When it came to the characters I didn’t hate either of them but I didn’t love them either.  Maggie, understandably, seemed to over think every little aspect of every interaction she experienced or watched, including every interaction she saw West have. While West felt kind of immature and possessive. Almost every time he referred to Maggie he said things like “My Maggie.” And would even get jealous if her cousin, like her biological cousin, would talk to her. Like nothing romantic was going to happen between her and her cousin but West would get extremely jealous about the whole situation.

When it came to Maggie and West relationship like I said above I didn’t really like West’s possessiveness and that nobody seemed to think it was too extreme. But it was hard to read it in a dual persecutive style because they would both talk about how much they cared about each other but neither of them were really doing anything about those feelings. I feel like this aspect of their relationship would have been a little bit more tolerable in my mind if it had only been told from one of them instead of both.

I felt that the ending of the book went on about ten pages too long, especially because added “twist” you might say that Glines added in seemed unnecessary consider the next novel in the series isn’t about Maggie or West but still left Maggie’s story in a cliffhanger.

Overall I did enjoy the book, my biggest complaints were probably how much they discussed their feeling but didn’t act on them and West crazy possessiveness. On my rating scale of 1 being horrible and 5 being fantastic I rated Until Friday Night a 3.85.


Have you read Until Friday Night? What did you think? Let me know in the comments down below.


Welcome to the new blog

Hello Worlders ~

As I begin the next chapter of my life I found that my old blog didn’t feel like it was growing with me. So I decided to come over here to start something new.

Somethings won’t change. You’ll still get a butt ton of travel posts because you know your girl loves to travel. I also will be bring my book reviews and try to keep up with my book reviews and movie reviews.

I also hope to bring other types post to my blog. I’m not sure what they are going to be. We’ll figure it out as we go along.

For those of you who are OG followers 1. let me know, I’m not sure there are any of you. But also I’m hoping that this blog will be the last the test of time instead of jumping to another blog in a few years. But hey not promises.

I also plan to continue my YouTube channel to go hand and hand with this blog.

I’ll see you guys in the near future with another post. Bye!