UNEXPECTED DISNEY TRIP: Days Leading Up & Travel Day {Day 0}

Hello Worlders~

Let’s talk about the boring (and slightly disappointing) aspects of this trip. If you missed the first post you can check it out here.

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Starting about 4 or 5 days out before going on this trip I started watching the weather because there was a snow storm coming up to New England.


Everything I read said that the snow wasn’t going to hit until after my flight left so I felt confident that I would get out. But as my trip go closer I lost my confidence that I would get out in time.

I was going to be leaving on Tuesday morning and on Saturday night Mama Judy suggested that I book a hotel up at the airport and I started pricing out options on Travelocity. I didn’t love any of the prices but it seemed like the best option.

On Sunday I finally booked the hotel. And about fifteen minutes later I received a text message from Southwest that my flight has been cancelled.


Luckily Southwest offers free flight changes when they cancel your trip. So, I did my best to find the best flight down. Unfornately the flight I ended up that I was taking off 48 hours after my original flight was supposed to land in Orlando. I informed my family and tried to not be too disappointed.

The snow storm ended being pretty bad and there was no way my flight would have gotten out in time or safely. So, I guess everything does happen for a reason. Plus, having the day off gave me time to do a few other errands that I needed to get done.

On the morning of the trip, I got up and showered. Then packed the rest of the stuff that still needed to be pack. And then it was time to head out to the airport.

I left really early because I thought I would be effected by rush hour traffic. But fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it there was next to no traffic. I headed to the normal place where my family parks only to find out they had no parking. The garages at the airport were filled and I ended up having to park at a different location. And I wasn’t the only one on the shuttle who was in the same predicament.

Once I got to the airport I checked my bag, went through security and found my gate. Once at my gate I people watched for awhile before deciding to pull out my computer and watch some Netflix. I ended up watching an episode of the show I was watching (Dance Academy) where my favorite character died. Not the best episode to watch in an airport.

Finally it was time to board the flight. The first flight wasn’t too bad. I mainly listen to music and read the book I was currently read (Just One Day).

I had a somewhat long layover at the Baltimore Airport. I got off the plane and went on a search for three things. 1. a bathroom 2. Starbucks – if you guys don’t already know, I love Starbucks. I actually spent probably close to twenty minutes looking for one. And had almost given up when I finally found one. 3. Lunch. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the place I went but it was a burger place. I wasn’t very impressed with it.

Once I found those three things I headed for a gate. Which brings me to a funny story. I looked up at the screen in the airport that tells you what gate your flight is boarding at. And I saw a number and headed that way. And then they started making announcements about how this flight was making another layover in Atlanta which I knew my flight was doing. Turns out that I had gone to the wrong gate. Luckily the very rude desk women was able to tell me where I was supposed to be.

The second flight was about as uneventful as the first flight. I read and listened to music until we touched down in Orlando.


After landing I got off the plane, made a quick stop at a bathroom and then headed down to the Magical Express. If you are staying on a Disney Property I highly recommend the Magical Express because they make getting to Disney so much easier. Plus you don’t have worry about picking up your luggage (as long as you arrive before 10PM) because they take care of it for you. The ride to Disney was a smooth, 30-minute ride but it went by quickly. My only complaint was that the bus driver didn’t do the “3-2-1 welcome to Walt Disney World” thing.


The first stop on the bus ride was to Disney’s Old Key West Resort, which happens to be one of my home resorts through Disney Vacation Club. It was nice to see the resort but only for a couple minutes before the bus continued on to the resort I would be staying at which was Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.  Which is themed after the Horse Races up in Saratoga, New York.

On my way off the bus I actually slipped on the stairs! I was more embarrassed then hurt and grateful that only one other person saw me since I was the last to get off. I didn’t want anyone to make a big deal because I was scared I would cry more out of embarrassment then anything else. A few days later I was happy too because it didn’t bruise at all!

After my fall on the stairs I headed into the lobby. I think I mentioned in the first post that Father lives in Florida and would make a few appearances on this trip. Well this was his first appearance. That night we were meeting for dinner at The Turf Club, which is the sit down restaurant at Saratoga Springs. I got the Crispy-fried Chicken and if I remember correctly it was only okay.

After dinner we headed to the room where I would be staying with my family. We got lost on the way but eventually found it. That night Marianne, Chad and their son, Josh (the family members I would be staying with) had dinner somewhere else. So, we just kind of hung out while we waited for them to get there.

Once they got there we talked and caught up a little but everyone was pretty much ready for an early night. So, we went to bed not long after.

I went to bed excited though, because even though it was a hassle to get there I was finally back at my favorite place in the world. Be sure to come back over the next few weeks for more Disney Travel Reports.

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Unexpected Disney Trip 2017 || Trip in review

Hello Worlders ~

Welcome to my first Travel Report on my new blog which is one of my favorite type of posts to do. But let’s get started with this trip!

Unexpected Disney Trip - Sticker

Some of you may be wondering why I’m calling this travel report “Unexpected Disney Trip 2017”. Well it’s because I didn’t know that I was going to be going on this trip until about 14 days before I went. You see on March 1st my Grandma called me and asked if I was interested in going to Disney from March 14th to 20th. And of course I said yes! But things didn’t go completely as planned? Why you’ll see – just stay tuned.

Before I start the review I wanted to give you some details for the 5ws so to speak.




I was 22 to at the time of the trip but everything else you know about me remains true.


I don’t have any pictures of her from this trip but that’s my aunt. We have always been super close, a lot of people say we are super similar and think a like. But I’ll take it because she’s awesome!


Again I don’t have any pictures of him from this trip but that’s my uncle and Marianne’s husband. I’m pretty close with him as well.


Josh is my 4 year old little cousin and Marianne and Chad’s son. He is super cool and defintely into Disney (although he’s an even bigger super hero fan). Going to Walt Disney World with him was so fun because he was the perfect age.

Dad & Sharron:

There were also special guest appearance by my dad and his wife Sharron who live in Orlando. Although they didn’t spend too much time with us they did make some appearances.


A quick trip to Walt Disney World with family.


March 2017 – smack dab in the middle of spring break season.


Walt Disney World Resort with stops in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. We also stayed at Disney’s Saratoga Springs.


Because I can never say no to a trip to Walt Disney World.

And now for the trip in review. If you guys have never read one of my Travel Reports this post becomes like a master post where I add the links from the day by day reports. So, come back to this post to see updates.

Days Leading Up to the Trip:

This isn’t always a post I make but for this particular trip  I need to. Why? Because my trip got delayed thanks to stupid New England snow. More on that in it’s actual post.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I finally left for my trip and got to Orlando. After a long day of travel I got some dinner and nice long night of sleep.

Friday, March 17, 2017


On my first day at Disney World, everyone else in my travel party’s 2nd park day and 3rd day there we hit up the Magic Kingdom. I experienced some new rides and had fun with my family.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Saturday I had a solo park day. Because my family had gone into the park the day I was stuck up North I had an extra park day. On this day I went to Hollywood Studios and went on an iconic ride that I had never been on. What is it? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Was EPCOT day! Another days spent with my family. We did spend a little bit of time at Hollywood Studios to start the day and then headed over to EPCOT to end the day.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The final day of my trip. I had a semi late flight out so I did spend sometime at Downtown Disney before heading back to the airport.

And that’s the trip in review I can’t wait to share more about my time as the week’s go on. Keep an eye out on Thursdays for more posts!

*This post was not sponsored by any of the linked sites. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own
and I was in no way compensated for mentioning them ***