Hello Worlders!

That’s me on the right. I am a 23 year old college grad who loves all things Disney (especially Donald Duck – he’s the real bae). I also love to read (scroll down and see what I’m currently reading), travel and am slight television and movie nerd.

When it comes to work I haven’t quiet figured out what my calling is. I’m working on figuring it out but I probably won’t talk about it on here much because this blog is supposed to be my happy place away from the big bad world.

008-Graduation B

 Some of you may recognize me as I used to blog over on another blog (of the same name but on blogger) where I talked about my college adventures. But now that I’ve graduate I decided it’s time to start my new chapter with a new blog.

As for what you can find on this blog. Well you can find travel reports from my different trips. Book and movies reviews on everything I’ve seen or read. And other posts that I haven’t quiet come up with yet.

Here are some other quick facts to know about me. I am a YouTuber who post when I can, sometimes I get too busy. I love bulldogs and can’t wait to get one. My favorite color is pink. I’m super organized but make no promises abut when I’ll post (what can I say I get busy and want to put out quality of quantity).


I can’t wait to share my journey in this world with you and I hope you’ll follow along!